York Gardens & Tearoom

York Gardens & Tearoom



Yorktown, Virginia's Only Authentic Royal English Tearoom & Gardens

York Gardens & Tearoom

York Gardens & Tearoom

York Gardens & Tearoom is an authentic English tearoom, daily serving light lunch, Afternoon (High) Tea service with dinner service on Friday and Saturday evenings. We are the ONLY authentic English tearoom in Yorktown, Virginia complete with oversized Royal Tea Gardens. Serving freshly baked scones, dainty tea sandwiches, hearty dinner meals, delightful desserts, and with over 40 organic and fair trade certified teas to chose from; including medicinal teas, visiting York Gardens & Tearoom is truly a royal event. Our Royal Tea Gardens are open Friday through Sunday (weather permitting) from Easter through October. The gardens provide patio dining by the water garden, dining in the rose garden (home to our life size princesses carriage), a croquet lawn with patio seating so our guests can enjoy outdoor dining while playing the game that is popular among England's Royals, and a fire pit area for those who enjoy fire side dining. We are a great place to host your next bridal or baby shower and the perfect place to host your next tea party. We have a variety of single serve teas, tea wares, tea themed gifts, and Ayurvedic teas to shop from in our retail section. If you need a special blend of medicinal tea, let us know and we will work to get it for you. Special requests are always welcome!  

Surrender Fields Bohea Black Tea

Surrender Fields Bohea Black Tea

Surrender Fields Bohea Black Tea Special Edition Tin 

Bohea tea, (pronounced “Boo-hee” was by far the "tea" import during colonial times.

Among the Colonists, Its popularity made way for the the word bohea to became the slang term for tea. This black tea blend originated in China and was traded to the East India Companies of the Dutch and British.

While the scrap of lower quality leaves were blended haphazardly and certainly inconsistently with broken orange pekoe, souchong and pekoe, Bohea was still considered high quality tea by the colonists.

This is the tea that would have been enjoyed on the battlefields, and Washington himself as he sat by the fire at his camp in Yorktown.

As the tea that was shipped to the Colonies during the Tea Party, it's interesting trivia to know that on November 7, 1774, local residents of Yorktown, VA boarded the British ship Virginia and dumped two half-chests of tea into the York River. The tea had been imported despite the boycott on English goods that the first Virginia Revolutionary Convention had authorized in August 1774.

At the Boston Harbor, the damage the Sons of Liberty caused by destroying 340 chests of tea, in today's money, was worth more than $1,700,000 dollars. The British East India Company reported £9,659 worth of damage caused by the Boston Tea Party. According to some modern estimates, the destroyed tea could have brewed 18,523,000 cups of tea!  

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